Baby steps

I’ve lived in the marketing world for the past 10 years. This March, I’ll embark on a new journey.

I’ll become a stay-at-home dad for the next year. In Japan.

While you may be fascinated to read about baby feedings, house cleanings, and meal preps, I’m looking more to chronical my adventures in the land of Japan as a father in social circles primarily occupied by mothers. Toss is a dash of Covid just to ratchet up the challenge here.

Covid isn’t raging in Japan like it is in other parts of the world. Nevertheless, the social isolation is real and the hardest part for the next few months is going to be figuring out what new social circle I’m going to fit into.

Are there groups of stay-at-home dads here in Japan? Are mothers willing to hang out with a father? Will being a “foreigner” help or hinder me? There is much to ponder and even more to find out in the coming months.

So let the journey begin.