Big day of firsts and lasts

First day back at school in a new grade.

First day back at daycare for the middle child.

And the big one. First day of daycare for the youngest.

It all happened so quickly this morning that I’m just now feeling it. The youngest hoped out of the nest for the first time today, away from both my wife and me for a whole hour. I thought I would be more choked up when dropping him off. Instead, the process of signing my name on the check-in paper, getting my son’s jacket and helmet off and greeting the teacher for the first time all preoccupied my mind. Before I knew it, I was handing my child over to the teacher and he disappeared through the door with her.

So many moments in life must be like this. You never know when you’ll experience something for the last time. I do my best to be in the moment. Enjoy the firsts like it will always be the last.