Bowling Event

Today, I can say for the first time, that I have won a bowling event.  It was by complete luck that it worked out the way that it did and I was extremely fortunate to have a wide range of talent, mostly towards the lower end of the bell curve there to take me on.

I was asked to join the event by a coworker of mine.  Turns out he and a bunch of his drinking / college buddies were putting something together.  I didn’t blink an eye given the chance to go bowling so I took him up on the offer.  As it turned out it was really an informal affair and I would guess only 1 in 3 participants had even touched a bowling ball within the last three months.  The odds were pretty well stacked in my favor.
I bowled with 4 other guys and we alternated turns bowling down the lanes that were soaked in enough oil that I think you could have deep fried some chicken on them.  The right side of the lane was covered with oil and every time the ball return spit back the ball a solid ring of oil could be seen glistening on the ball.  There was little chance that I was going to get much hook, if any this night.  As it turned out, I didn’t.
Despite the oily conditions, I got a measly 133ish and 146 for an average of somewhere around 140.  This, apparently, was enough to take first prize in the competition with more than 30 participants.  Wee!  The best part of the whole ordeal, however, was the amazing prize.  I didn’t open it until later, but kind of wish I had opened it at the alley so I could give them the waterproof, made for the shower, cd player.  Instead, I’m now stuck with something that I hope I can sell on eBay real soon.  Nevertheless, the novelty of winning at least some kind of bowling event made for a fun Sunday afternoon.
Best part of the whole event had to be some fun we had towards the end of the two hour limit.  Between the legs, slow ball, windmill and reverse curve shots were a blast.