Pictures from my first attempt paragliding. Up in the mountains of Saitama, the greenery and cool weather were a perfect backdrop for soaring. A practice session was first held in the big grassy area you can see in the second picture where we learned to “rise up”. With that basic steps under our belts, we were ready to take off the 16m hill. On this glide I made it to the grate or about a 50m glide. There was little wind, for better or worse, so I think the flights were steady but short. Dreams of paragliding as a hobby will have to wait until I live closer to the… Continue reading Up

Gozen – 御前山

Climbed Gozen in Tokyo-to today. I feel lucky that the greenery and beauty of the mountains can be so close to this concrete mess to provide some reprieve from the madness. Gozen was not a terribly hard hike, but it left my knees a little week and a slight case of altitude sickness. I couldn’t enjoy the Spanish restaurant that we went to on our way back home until about an hour after we sat down. My head was pounding. Need to find a way to prevent that from happening. More water maybe? The pain parted very much like the clouds during one overlook about halfway up the mountain. Being… Continue reading Gozen – 御前山