Power consumption in Tokyo since the quake

Since the quake, the people of Tokyo and across Japan have been working hard to reduce power consumption because of the crippled nuclear power situation. The work has been paying off. Comparing to last year’s statistics, Tokyo is being far more efficient with it’s energy. Even on the hotter days, Tokyo has been using less energy than before. Here’s a little graph showing recent data, but if you’d like to see the whole year then head over to the statistics page. You can really see the difference just after the earthquake and now that it’s getting into the hotter months. To make the graph, I used the power consumption stats… Continue reading Power consumption in Tokyo since the quake

Random notes

While talking with my friend today the earthquake hit Nigatta. It ranked a strong 6 on the Japanese scale and resulted in the deaths of 7 (at time of writing) and occured just a day after a large tropical storm passed through Japan. Hang in there everyone from Nigatta! Driving in Tokyo is not recommended. The more I drive in Tokyo the less I like it, although it isn’t nearly as bad as Chicago, Florence. At least no one honks their horns at you and they generally let you in. It’s the tolls and constant congestion that make driving difficult. Learned today that while 7-Eleven was founded in the States,… Continue reading Random notes