Electric assist bicycles enabling parents to go further in Japan

Each day after daycare the ritual of deciding which park to go begins. Sometimes a stone’s throw away. Other times, kilometers away. With our bicycles loaded with backpacks, today’s crafts from daycare, 1, 2, or 3 children, and outdoor sporting goods, it’s a wonder that we can go anywhere more than 100 meters away.

That wonder is the electric bicycle. Rarely seen a decade ago, it’s the standard for nearly all parents ferrying their children back and forth from daycare in Japan these days.

I’m extremely grateful for the bike as it must have opened up the variety of parks we can go to by a great amount compared to the days of standard bikes. That or all the parents had thighs like sequoias.

If you are on the fence about getting one, I highly recommend taking one for a spin and plopping your kid on the back to see just how much of a game-changer it will be for you.