Vacations are good for refreshing your mind and altering your perspectives.  This is now my second weekend back from my trip to Tanzania and I have yet to get back into the habit of drinking coffee.

Coffee, while it smells great and I’ve acquired a taste for it, still feels wrong to me; I decided to significantly cut back on my coffee rations.  I was at about 2 cups a day and I may go back to that once the stress of work and life gets back into my blood stream.  For now, I am content to see how far I can take my little experiment.
I’ve also shifted my focus from coffee to a more healthy alternative (ref?), green tea.  I’ve read a very small amount on the subject so far, but from what I’ve learned, green tea has about 10 to 30 mg of caffeine compared to the 100 or so in a typical cup of coffee.  Interestingly, green tea in its dry form has more caffeine per ounce than coffee does, but once you make a cup of both the amount of caffeine per ounce drops significantly for the tea.  (Because it takes fewer grams of tea to make a cup perhaps?)  So a cup of green tea should give me a small jolt of caffeine as well as numerous other health benefits.  Fighting cancer is just of the many pluses that About.com listed up.