Feeding kids during a PTA gathering

Four 2-year olds or younger are running around the house. The moms are all gathered in our living room on the floor laying out the plans for next year’s PTA activities. My toddler has spotted me from across the room and waddles over going “mam yam mam”. It’s a tad before noon and he’s hungry.

If he is, then the rest of the kids will be too. Sneaking my child a few bits of bread and cheese (on the sly as you should always feed the guests first), I start in on making some lunch for the little ones. Nothing fancy. 10 minutes later the kids are all around the table with a silence that means they were all hungry. The moms all get out their phones and start taking photos and in shock that a husband would prep something like this so quickly, or at all.

For those looking to feed a restless group of 2-year old tagalong PTA members, I present the menu sure to blow the socks off the unsuspecting.

  • Mini onigiri (rice balls). Zap some leftover rice in the microwave, mix with furikake (rice topping), shape, and wrap with nori.
  • Cheese bread. Shredded cheese is easy to find at the super market. Sprinkle someon the bread and toast in the grill. Cut into bite size pieces.
  • Sausages. Weiners here in Japan. Pan fry or grill and slice into bit sized pieces.

That’s it! Go makes some kids happy and rock their parents’ world.