Finding the time

The family is glued to the TV and I’m glued to my Kindle. The last few chapters of book six of The Expanse, Babylon’s Ashes, are within my grasp. The whole series is a page turner, but these last few pages make it mighty hard to do anything other than gobbling them up.

I found myself sneaking in a chapter or two throughout the day. This has me thinking, how often could I have other things on my list that I could use small pieces of time between chores and activities around the house?

When it comes to a book like Babylon’s Ashes, I find myself yearning to get back to the book any chance I get. I can’t say the same about working on my taxes or cleaning up the living room. They feel like tasks. They are tasks. While I might be the beneficiary in a roundabout way of completing those tasks – no tax penalties, peace of mind with a clean room – it’s not appealing to my immediate desire for something rewarding. Feeling the rush of spaceships firing torpedoes at each other or human drama playing out across our whole solar system does.

I picked up the book Atomic Habits by James Clear about a year ago and have been looking to implement his recommendations for some time now. It would take the guesswork and hesitation out of different moments of my day.

Might just free me up to get started on book seven of The Expanse.