Happy for ‘Bron

It’s about time LeBron made for some kind of controversy. I read in the ESPN forums about how LeBron should grow up and be more mature and shake hands at the end of the game. I think it was exactly that, immature and selfish, not to congratulate the other team on a great performance on their end. It’s natural to be frustrated and not to want to look your opponent in the eye or give them a pat on the back just after they whopped your ass, but that’s something you grown into.

LeBron should be judged heavily for this and maybe a chip or two can be laid on his shoulder. The guy has been so unbelievably mature from the moment that he entered the NBA that this kind of slip up is necessary for him to know or at least for us to know that his is human. I think that you need to let your guard down and give people the opportunity to poke and question you to bring them closer to you. If LeBron learns (and he’s been a very adept learner to date) from this it will, as they say, only make him stronger.