Home Econmics in Japan

A home economics teacher who I have relationship to, except that she now teaches at the high school I went to visited me today.

Went to Shinjuku for dinner at an izakaya. Also took a stroll around the red-light district of Shinjuku much to the amusement of the visitors. Live just doesn’t get more entertaining than seeing underage ladies of the night and hosts with their half-buttoned colors and their slimy auras.

I couldn’t get over the way the visitor pronounced Aomori all night. Please, pronounce it ah-oh-more-ee. Although Italian and Japanese have been known to have their similarities in sound, Aomori should by no means be said as a-MORE-eh. All syllables get equal stress in Japanese (expect in rare instances). It was so bad, I thought she was describing a prefecture I’ve never heard of.

Another random thought… the interface to blogger is in Japanese right now. I can click the “spell check” button to do the obvious… or is it? There is no spell check in Japanese, it is nearly impossible. The probability of any two kanji making a valid word is too high to make any spell checker worth its shit. Only a spell checker that could check based off of the context of the sentence could actually work. But please keep it there, because it’s helping me out tremendously right now.

Baker now lined up to cook for the wedding. Hard part now comes telling her how many people I need it for and what kind of frosting, etc I need.



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