I can’t concentrate, but I can pick my nose

I can’t concentrate when the music is on. If I try to write when music is playing… especially one where some is singing, it’s all over for me. Even worse are radio announcements. This condition occurs whenever I’m trying to write, probably when I’m programming as well. Am I always trying to pick out just the right words? Why can’t I concentrate when the music is on?

I also pick my nose way too much. It’s a shame and I’m terribly embarrassed by it, but every time I start to concentrate my finger makes its way to way nose, regardless of my conscious efforts to break the habit. I was also told that I’m not really concentrating when I pick my nose, just kind of distracting my mind. I took a look at myself and saw that it’s true. If it’s not picking my nose, then I’m touching my face in some other way. Maybe it’s the touch that stimulates by brain into activity, but I’m convinced it’s just a terrible habit.

I’m a very hands-on person though. I love doing art, making things. Maybe I do thinking with my hands and that’s why they need to move all of the time, especially when I deep in thought — which doesn’t happen much.

And this isn’t what I was planning on writing about at all today. I remember I was going to write about some object that I saw in passing someone today. Now I can’t remember where or what it was that I saw, other than it was exactly the same as something I own.

This is by far the most interesting (worst) post so far. All kinds of spilling of guts and random comments.



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