Just out of reach

Or so I thought.

The infant, soon-to-be toddler has been trying to teach me over and over and over again that things are within reach. I give him an inch and he’s balancing on his tiptoes atop the leg of an overturned chair or discovering that his finger tips now hit the microwave dial.

The tenacity is truly inspiring.

Too often I’ve thought something was beyond my reach. Someone told me no. I caved in. Took no for the answer.

I need to take some inspiration from my children and learn not to underestimate myself. Besides, people appreciate the guts even if it drives them a little batty at the time.

Children are as wonderful as they are frustrating when it comes to pushing the boundaries and not taking no for an answer. I’m glad they don’t. The consequences, especially when they are young, can certainly be life-threatening, but for the most part, carry little weight. They shouldn’t be digging plastic out of the garbage, trying to turn on the stove, climbing the stairs, sneaking candy, the list goes on and on. And despite hearing words of caution or outright denial all day long, they just pluck themselves up and try the next thing.

Always be testing.

As adults we certainly have lots more to weigh with every decision and can’t be as haphazard in our experiments. Or can we?