Little cities

On the way to daycare each day, we pass by a house that lights up my son’s eyes and imagination every day. On the front of the house, perched on the second-floor balcony is an owl statue that makes me do a double take every time. That, however, is just a teaser for what lies around back.

In a garden no wider than the intake fan of the air conditioning unit, a tiny scene plays out amidst a small cluster of plants. A triceratops is ambling close to a crane and dump truck that appears to be either building or raising a pair of Japanese houses. My son swears the scene shifts every day and calls it his “little city”.

Today, we had some time to work on our own garden and make our own “little city”. Thomas, Emily, James, and Harold now peak out behind some freshly planted lavender, sitting on silver wire tracks that look like they’ve buckled on a hot summer’s day.

We’ll have now have two little cities to fly by on our bicycle each morning. More often than not, I hope that means we also take a few moments to stop, get down low, and appreciate the little things.