May is the best month for sports

The Cavaliers lost today to the Orlando Magic, second loss in three games now and they have yet to dominate a game like they did all regular season. James continues to put up impressive numbers, but I get this sinking feeling that he’s trying to put the whole team on his back. One man can make a difference, but I don’t buy the rhetoric that one man can carry a whole series.

The French open has also started. My own foray with tennis succumbed to a rain delay on Sunday. Good since my forearms were pretty tired from climbing in the morning, but bad because I was looking forward to playing against my two coworkers. I’m going to pick Nadal to win it all again at Rolland Garros. Would be fantastic to seem him pull off yet another win on clay. Equally thrilling would be to see Roger Federer come back and stick it to Nadal to revenge the Australian Open loss earlier this year and upteen other loses at the French Open. It will be another thrilling fortnight for sports!

Oh, and go Penguins.