Raise your hand quick

PTA work on the horizon. This is for the daycare and not the elementary school, so not as intense! I know I’m already going to be overwhelmed working full time again. Not looking forward to adding more stuff on top. A lot of the regular meetings are also held during work hours. Not so realistic for this day and age.

There is a meeting next week where roles will be decided. I heard from one of the moms currently involved with the PTA this year that there is a position that would involve planning some of the games for parent-child event days and editing the videos from the performances. Everyone needs to volunteer for something next year and this sounds like my cup of tea. If I’ve got to do something then let it be this.

Will be looking to avoid the president or photo album roles like the plague. Too many politics involved with that stuff. Still have scars from my sophomore year of high school on the yearbook crew. It was a two guy staff and we ended up featuring our friends way too much. Let a good chunk of the school down that year.

Hoping my gaijin card will come in handy here for the role when volunteers are called for.