Ridiculous Collection of Junk – 4 Things I Can Live Without

An ad for the Hammacher Schlemmer web site was haunting the banner space of a site I recently visited and they are, for sure, the source of all that useless gadgetry and nick knacks that you find in airplane magazines. Just a few of the gems on the site include:

An upside-down tomato garden thingy….

A voice command operated R2-D2 that beeps and blurps out the annoying cantina song in addition to shivering at the mention of Darth Vadar. Woooo. The guy bopping his head to the catina music was priceless though.

And just in case you have a few extra cubic meters of space laying around… “The Stainless Steel Ofuro”. I can’t believe they added Japanese to lighten in up.

And the ultimate thing I can live without. “The Keep Your Distance Bug Vacuum”. Ugh.