Setting priorities and how that worked out

I laid out in a post last week a list of things I could accomplish during my last week of paternity leave. Here’s how things netted out.

  • Plan the family investing strategy – minimal
  • Hang with friends – yes
  • Get in one more ski trip – planned for next week
  • Review my Marketing Seminar materials – nope
  • Hike up a mountain or bike somewhere far – nope
  • Eat more good food with my wife around Tokyo – yes
  • Find a cafe or coworking place and zone in on some life planning – nope

Batting about .400. Big takeaway for me was having a list to begin with. Even if I wasn’t actively looking at it every day, it was in the back of my mind and guiding my thoughts.

Going into this week, I’ll come up with another list to aim for during my first week back at work. This will be especially important here in the first few weeks as I establish a rhythm once again. I want to stay out ahead of the grind that is sure to come and dull the aspirations I have right now.