Shower intercom

We fear what we don’t understand. Like my wife’s voice coming from the wall-mounted intercom in our shower. My toddler will be having a grand old time splashing around in the bath, smile ear to ear, and then the voice appears. The immediate spin of his head to face the source, his eyes going wide, and that slow but steady creep of the corners of his mouth towards his jawline as his bottom lip puckers out. A voice that he hears every day and, yet, he has no explanation for why my wife’s voice would be immitting from a box on the wall.

You wonder, does he feel the same fear when you call his name from across the room or floors where he can’t see you? Can he sense the distance and spacing of a voice, whereas the shower intercom completely baffles him?

Each day he learns a little more. The previous mysteries and fears fade away, while new ones crop up. The cycle repeats and he grows and grows.

While the shower intercom may frighten you today, learn how it works, and fascination will replace the fear.