Sticking with the family chat

The family chat wasn’t a thing before the pandemic and now it’s a daily reminder of the big and small wonders that make up our lives. I’m thankful for the connection it has brought with my family in the United States as I was never the best at keeping in touch with my family in the States. Whether it’s a sunset, some fresh-baked bread, new accomplishments of the children, or new endeavors of my siblings, getting that small glimpse shortens the distances.

The pressure to contribute something remarkable is there. As social media tends to go. Even when the audience is only a handful of people. Who gets the likes? The responses? I try to brush that aside. It’s just about showing up. Day after day. I know my parents and siblings appreciate the glimpses into my world as much as I do of theirs. That commitment to saying something, showing something nearly every day makes it remarkable.

I hope this is one tradition that outlives the pandemic.