Stuck in the Web

I read about a mother finding her lost child on Facebook after 20 odd years of separation and reminded me of friends that I had been out of touch with since high school or earlier. Conveniently and, admittedly, frighteningly I was able to traverse the deep roots that run deep into the society of America and the world. I was equally fascinated and disturbed that information can be this easily accessed from anywhere in the world.

What we put up online will now be forever immortalized in the digital kingdom. Even if I was to remove my account from Facebook, the bots and spiders from Google, the Way Back Machine and numerous other sites will have cached and indexed every last image and word to make going backwards impossible. This is not a web that that can be unraveled. The web, while it started off as a metaphor for interconnectivity can be extended to the true nature of a web, which is to catch the fly passing by.
While I didn’t mean to go off the deep end and wax pessimistic, I ended up there. In the end, though, I’m grateful for all the freedoms the web allows for information it unfurls to the curious.
Just check out the search feature of Twitter to overload your senses in no time.