Super Mario stars for the uninitiated

Why can’t anyone but Mario get the star and become invincible?

My son posed this question to me today. He’s never played Super Mario Brothers, we just happen to have a Mario-themed Uno deck. The star is featured on one of the cards and we got to talking.

I wish I had a better answer than “That’s just the way it is” for him when he asked it. Something that would make sense to a kid.

Getting across the idea of being invincible was also difficult. His first language is Japanese with a moderate understanding of English. I keep talking to all my sons in English in the hopes they’ll hop on board one of these days.

I kept the explanation of invincibility as succinct as possible. When you bump into the bad guys they die. Normally, if they bump into you, you die. But the star changes everything. So he then asked with why the bad guys can’t get the star.

Next time, I’ll just say Koopa Troopers are allergic to stars.