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  • Odd man out

    Photo by Anni Roenkae from Pexels

    Sitting in one of my last phone calls at work last night, I looked around the participant list and saw I was the only man. Looking forward to the next year, it won’t be so different. Or will it? I have a hunch that the all-virtual environment of work gives us a wonderful anonymity where our emails, tone of voice, and use of emoji’s shapes us much more than our gender. It gives me great hope for the year ahead, in that I’m moving from one industry to another where I’ll be the minority once again. Perhaps the shift won’t be as big as I thought. The topics of conversation […]

  • Bystander and origins of boujin

    The online handle name I’ve gone with for some time is boujin. I started using it back in college many eons ago and have stuck with it. I can’t say that I ever had a an extreme interest in Japanese culture or language, but my wife and I were dating back in college and I started thumbing through the Japanese language dictionary. Remember those? I gravitated towards the word boujin as it encapsulated a feeling at the time that I was a bit of an bystander. In the dictionary you’ll see a couple of meanings for boujin depending on the kanji. You either get bystander (傍人) or dust filter (防塵). […]