Tell me something funky

My oldest son loves the word funky.

He asked me how to define it once. I told him something a bit strange and cool. It’s his go-to adjective for when he wants an interesting story. “Tell me a funky story.”

As a marketer, I love the challenge. Can’t say I’m nailing it, but I’m giving it a go. Children are often the toughest audience. The best to learn from.

I’ve been struggling to become a better storyteller for my kids. I want to see them on the edge of their seats, in tears from laughter, or that sparkle in their eyes when they grasp something for the first time.

I watched in admiration and appreciation as my mother pulled one funky story after another out of her hat for the boys. Sometimes meandering, sometimes just a paragraph. The stories just kept coming and the boys kept eating them up.

There is precious little time during the day that I can spend with the boys. Recounting tales of days gone by is a wonderful and rich way to spend that time. Funky or not.