Top 10?

In honor of the Cavs historic collapse so far in the playoffs I thought I would try and counteract the negative forces in the universe by helping my bowling team look a little less lowly by winning 4 of 4 tonight. A strong performance in the first and third games pushed us over the edge and we narrowly edged out the 11th place team to grab all four. We were still so far behind the 11th place team in terms of total wins that we are stuck firmly in the cellar, but it was nice to see our win total leap over the 10 win mark.

On a personal level I have my fingers crossed that I’ll land within the top 10 within the league this season, which would be an all time high for me. Bought time that I moved up in the ranks versus all these old guys anyway. Sure, some of them have been bowling since the league started back in ’62 or when the war ended… but what have THOSE guys got!

As always the Golden League was great fun again tonight and a 42% increase in wins for the season doesn’t hurt either.