Random notes

While talking with my friend today the earthquake hit Nigatta. It ranked a strong 6 on the Japanese scale and resulted in the deaths of 7 (at time of writing) and occured just a day after a large tropical storm passed through Japan. Hang in there everyone from Nigatta! Driving in Tokyo is not recommended. The more I drive in Tokyo the less I like it, although it isn’t nearly as bad as Chicago, Florence. At least no one honks their horns at you and they generally let you in. It’s the tolls and constant congestion that make driving difficult. Learned today that while 7-Eleven was founded in the States,… Continue reading Random notes

Taking Advantage of the Bad Weather

Typhoon number 4 just passed through Tokyo and the rest of Japan. More damage and raining occurred in Kyushyu. It definitely weakened by the time it reached Tokyo. Today we saw some light rains and moderate winds, but only early in the morning and late yesterday. Yesterday went to see the large waves generated by the storm down in Chigasaki. Amidst the pelting rain the waves were an awesome site to look at. Certainly bigger than what you would normally see down there. A few barrels even formed on the larger waves. A small group of surfers were braving the elements and catching a wave here and there. Today took… Continue reading Taking Advantage of the Bad Weather