Taking Advantage of the Bad Weather

Typhoon number 4 just passed through Tokyo and the rest of Japan. More damage and raining occurred in Kyushyu. It definitely weakened by the time it reached Tokyo. Today we saw some light rains and moderate winds, but only early in the morning and late yesterday.

Yesterday went to see the large waves generated by the storm down in Chigasaki. Amidst the pelting rain the waves were an awesome site to look at. Certainly bigger than what you would normally see down there. A few barrels even formed on the larger waves. A small group of surfers were braving the elements and catching a wave here and there.

Today took the rent-a-car out for another spin to the other side of Tokyo this time. A lot less driving involved, which was fine by me. Spent a couple of hours reading the biography of Grant on the concrete beach at Kasairinkaikoen. Clouds were abundant and drizzle came down once in awhile, but the direction of the wind was consistent and we stayed huddled under our umbrellas without getting wet.



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