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  • Sweaty GPS?

    Very strange data from my run today. Somehow my phone was out of sync with the satellites and gave me bogus data for the run. The sun was pretty intense and I was sweating a lot, so thought maybe the water was messing with the device in some way it shouldn’t be. When I finished and looked down at the display, it showed some staggering results. I was thinking, “Awesome! A day or two off from running, come back and look what I can do!” In reality, I didn’t just run nearly 8k’s or average a blistering 12km / hr. The top speed stat, which is always funky to begin […]

  • The Sengawa Trail (仙川遊歩道)

    By far my most meandering run to date, but found some hidden gems along the way. Found a great little path called 仙川遊歩道 (Sengawa Trail) that starts just down the road from where we live. This trail appears to be part of a much larger network of trails that follows the Sengawa river. Would love to explore this a bit more to see how far I could get. Maybe take the train back if I get to far? View To The Highway – Kyorin – Sengawa : 4.9 km, 9.4 km / hr, 00:31:09 in a larger map Here’s a preview of the entire trail running along the Sengawa river. […]

  • Close to Pukey Time

    Maybe it was the hard push that I did at the end of the run or my higher pace overall today, but I was awfully close to what Bode Miller so elegantly phrased Pukey Time. Enjoy. And of course the run that did it. View Kyorin – Sengawa : 5.4 km, 10.3 km / hr, 00:31:39 in a larger map

  • South Side Run

    Today’s run :4.7 km, 9.3 km / hr, 00:30:15 A typhoon is approaching today, so some strong  head / tail winds during the run. The route today hit too many stop lights / railroad crossings. Often found myself jogging in place or standing around. Need to figure out a better route if going to the south side. View South Side : 4.7 km, 9.3 km / hr, 00:30:15 in a larger map

  • Off And Running Again

    2nd run since surgery. Trying to get back into the swing of things with running. Was doing a fair bit before having surgery on my leg and then took a break for about a month and a half. Since that surgery, I’ve found some freelance work and picked up an Android phone. That means GPS! Aside from being really excited about doing Geocaching in the near future, it’s a great tool for tracking my runs. I downloaded the the “My Tracks” app and gave it a go today. The result? The map listed below. I actually like the elevation data it also gives you, but no easy was to share […]