Off And Running Again

2nd run since surgery.

Trying to get back into the swing of things with running. Was doing a fair bit before having surgery on my leg and then took a break for about a month and a half. Since that surgery, I’ve found some freelance work and picked up an Android phone.

That means GPS! Aside from being really excited about doing Geocaching in the near future, it’s a great tool for tracking my runs. I downloaded the the “My Tracks” app and gave it a go today. The result? The map listed below. I actually like the elevation data it also gives you, but no easy was to share that. So for now, a Google map. Since I’m sure you’ve been dying to see yet another person sharing data about where they’ve been, what they’ve eaten or how many babies they’ve had recently.

Speaking of Geocaching, I looked today and found that  there is a cache located right next to the Jindaji Elementary School school on the map. Going to have to check that out next time I run by.

View 2011-09-01 Run – Jindaiji in a larger map