Being a Dad in Japan

  • I can’t concentrate, but I can pick my nose

    I can’t concentrate when the music is on. If I try to write when music is playing… especially one where some is singing, it’s all over for me. Even worse are radio announcements. This condition occurs whenever I’m trying to write, probably when I’m programming as well. Am I always trying to pick out just the right words? Why can’t I concentrate when the music is on? I also pick my nose way too much. It’s a shame and I’m terribly embarrassed by it, but every time I start to concentrate my finger makes its way to way nose, regardless of my conscious efforts to break the habit. I was […]

  • Gozen – 御前山

    Climbed Gozen in Tokyo-to today. I feel lucky that the greenery and beauty of the mountains can be so close to this concrete mess to provide some reprieve from the madness. Gozen was not a terribly hard hike, but it left my knees a little week and a slight case of altitude sickness. I couldn’t enjoy the Spanish restaurant that we went to on our way back home until about an hour after we sat down. My head was pounding. Need to find a way to prevent that from happening. More water maybe? The pain parted very much like the clouds during one overlook about halfway up the mountain. Being […]

  • Home Econmics in Japan

    A home economics teacher who I have relationship to, except that she now teaches at the high school I went to visited me today. Went to Shinjuku for dinner at an izakaya. Also took a stroll around the red-light district of Shinjuku much to the amusement of the visitors. Live just doesn’t get more entertaining than seeing underage ladies of the night and hosts with their half-buttoned colors and their slimy auras. I couldn’t get over the way the visitor pronounced Aomori all night. Please, pronounce it ah-oh-more-ee. Although Italian and Japanese have been known to have their similarities in sound, Aomori should by no means be said as a-MORE-eh. […]

  • Today’s Observations

    To follow up on yesterday’s post about the Golden Eggs. You should watch all of the Mori-mori Cooking videos they have on YouTube. I’m going to by the DVD so that we can experience the full broadcast. Having seen a number of shows at this point, I know realize that they all tie together in numerous ways. I had to have the pun about 雷が落ちてる explained to me though. Poor Paul. Set a goal today of saving X amount of money by the end of the year. 30% from every pay check isn’t too much to ask right? Have you every tried to compile what you’ve done over the past […]

  • Sushi & Yonchomei

    Dinner with friends tonight at a local sushi restaurant and then coffee / desert at the Yonchomei cafe. Spent most of the day in and around the house doing nothing in particular, but wasting time. Highlights of the day came from watching a hilarous Japanese cartoon called The World of Golden Eggs and hanging out with friends for dinner. It would fit it quite nicely on the cartoon network’s Adult Swim lineup I think. This particular clip about a coach and the football team [YouTube] was great. Also started reading a biography of Ulysses S. Grant. We’ll see if I can finish all 700 pages or not. The first 30 […]

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